can frau

The history of Panificadora Frau S.A. goes back to 1923, when the Frau family opened the first bakery in the Plaza de los Estiradores de Sóller, where it previously had the Can Cambuix store, in which it sold fruit, nuts, animal food, etc. After a few years, and with the business consolidated, Panificadora Sollerense S.L. was created together with other Sóller Bakeries and years later (1960), the family opened its own business in Calle Pastor. Over time, the Can Capet bakery in Calle Sant Jaume was purchased and Toni Frau Pastor returned to Panificadora Sollerense S.L., this time as owner, until he retired.

His son Toni Frau Oliver followed in his footsteps and, as his father and godfather had done, ran it until he retired.

Over the passage of time, artisan workmanship, tradition and quality has always been maintained. The only thing that has changed is the name of the company, initially Panificadora Sollerense, and then Panificadora Frau S.A., its name today.

Antònia Frau Crespí, daughter and successor of the family business, follows the same formulas, working methods and traditions of her predecessor, Toni Frau Puig, although also with the experience of her Godfather Toni Frau Pastor and her father Toni Frau Oliver. And the tradition will continue for many more years!